Kart-Valley is a corporation which unites three industries: Tourism, Hotel and Winery and aims to promote the diverse and historically unique culture of Georgia and The Caucasus to the world.

Kart-Valley aims to discover, develop and popularize new Tourist destinations in the Caucasian Region. Kart-Valley Corporation aspires to search for and discover the lost, unknown legends and stories from The Caucasus, and to revive these stories for the world. Kart-Valley is the only place where you will be told hidden and lost tales, where you will adventure in the world of Georgian and Caucasian myth.

“Kart-Valley” helps its guests to incarnate the existing emotions of the world through the 5 main senses. The Caucasus is the unique and diverse place which unites the civilizations of East and West, the place which gives people the ability to incarnate 5 main emotions: to see, hear, taste, smell and feel diversity.

Kart-Valley offers guests high quality service in the field of Hospitality and Tourism: High quality accommodation, transportation, service, organizing and managing different local and international events. Kart-Valley is based on the concept of Emotional Tourism and unites the feelings and emotions of Love, Friendship, Fear, excitement, Happiness, Freedom, Peacefulness and Harmony in their service.

Kart-Valley is for those who are in search of their true selves, who have the ambition and motivation to Incarnate the eternal emotions of the world!