Kart-Valley is the first Georgian platform in the tourism industry which unites the fields of Hospitality and Nation Branding, with the aim to brand individual destinations, as well as the entire country, with its national image and reputation.

The mission of the platform is to create and set a modern image of Georgia and to effectively present its culture on a global scale, as well as to host the travelers of the world in Georgia and the Caucasus.

Kart-Valley creates modern products, inspired by unknown Georgian and Caucasian myths, and presents them on the local and international level using efficient Marketing Communication tactics.

The Caucasus is a Clash between Eastern and Western Civilizations, Cultures, Values, Religions and Continents, which gives individuals the chance to incarnate their emotions, using the five senses: to See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Feel Diversity.

A prime motivator for Kart-Valley is the concept of “Clash”. A “Clash” between ideas, lifestyles, nature, etc, is where the Universe presents itself in its fullest glory. As the ultimate source of Human Renewal and Refresh. Therefore, using different creative approaches, we work to make impressive processes to empower individuals using the five main senses.

Kart-valley aims to establish a new, Hospitality and Nation Branding, on the local and global market. Kart-Valley offers the highest level of service in Hospitality and Event Management: Accommodation, Catering, Guide Service, as well as different local or international Event Organization.

Kart-Valley awaits those who have the ambition and motivation to Incarnate Emotions, Refresh and be Empowered!