Ukraine, the culturally diverse country with a rich history. The country which has had moments of glory, as well as moments of tragedy, all reflected within its beautiful cities. It was this very dualistic nature of history, that gave the beautiful people of Ukraine their renowned hospitality and warmth. Join the tour in Ukraine to see the beautiful capital – Kyiv, with its world-renowned churches and cathedrals, to see the 1000-year-old “Golden Gates” a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To experience the horrors of the Chernobyl Disaster by visiting the Chernobyl Museum. Join the tour in Ukraine to discover its beautiful city Lviv, a city which had been at the crossroads of multiple European empires who left their trace in the city, making it a true mix of European and Slavic culture. Join the tour in Ukraine to discover the Seaside resort of Odessa, which is renowned for its beautiful beaches and music festivals. Join the tour in Ukraine, to have a first-hand experience with one of the unique cultures of Europe, to taste Ukrainian cuisine and to see the beautiful National Dance. To Incarnate the emotions of the world in Ukraine.