Clash of Civilizations The world has many places which you can call a combination of civilizations, but the Caucasus is unique, as it’s at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, East and West, Modern and Ancient, Christianity and Islam, Mountains and Deserts. However, being at the clash of different things has made The Caucasus unique. This is neither East or West, neither Asia or Europe, this is The Caucasus, with its own cultures, traditions and uniqueness. The Caucasus is truly a place where you can cross through and experience different cultures, different natures and different civilizations. You can experience this in different cities from the Caspian to the Black Seas: The hot city of Baku, The historical city of Yerevan, The diverse city of Tbilisi and the Gem of the Black Sea – Batumi. If you are trying to find yourself, if you have the desire to have insight into the Universe, then the Caucasus, with its cultural diversity, with its people’s wisdom and experience, is the perfect place to incarnate your emotions and truly answer the question – Who am I?